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Every Child Deserves Freedom

We believe that every child, no matter what their background, deserves freedom and to have the opportunity to learn, be healthy and grow up in a safe environment.

Since 2012, the End Child Detention Coalition has advocated and supported children and families affected by immigration detention in Australia.



How You Can Get Involved

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Who Are We

The End Child Detention Coalition is comprised of 26 member organisations across all States and Territories of Australia. We work collaboratively with our network of members who are best placed to understand the challenging being faced on the ground and, who collectively possess a wealth of experience in service delivery, policy and advocacy.

How We Make Change Happen

The End Child Detention Coalition meets regularly to hear from its members and determine areas of common interest and action. We seek knowledge and advice from our members and people with lived refugee experience. We are a member of the Refugee Council of Australia and collaborate with other organisations working to secure a more inclusive, fair and welcoming Australia. Our Directorship sits on the Advisory board of the International Detention Coalition and CAPSA, the Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum. 

Advocating for the rights of Refugee Children and their families since 2012

Children Released from Immigration detention

Communinity events hosted

Refugee groups supported through Community Sponsorship

Our Mission 

Our mission is to relieve the suffering of children and their families who have been affected by immigration detention. We do this by supporting organisations assisting children and their families affected by immigration detention in the following ways:

(a) coordinating the provision of services;

(b) promoting alternatives to immigration detention; 

(c) advocating for the release of children being held in immigration detention facilities; and

(d) raising awareness of the harm caused to children in detention.

Our Values

We are collaborative and engage respectfully with a diverse range of representation to advocate for solution-focused possibilities.

Become a Supporter. Get Involved.

There are many ways to get involved and become an actor for change. You can use your voice to advocate for better policies and practices for refugee’s and people seeking asylum, join a Community supporter group to welcome and sponsor a refugee family, or become a donor. It starts with you, with us, together, let’s create a welcoming environment for people who need it the most.